‘Reader, I married him.’

Yep, I finally did it. 

I’m sorry, loyal readers of my humble blog(I know there are a few of you). The past year has been incredibly busy for me. I relocated, got a new job, left said job, got another job, etc. Oh, and I got married in literary style….how else? Now that life has calmed down a bit, I’m ready to write about my favorite subject again-books, and boy, have I ever accumulated a list of book-related topics! Get ready for some reviews of some of the great(and not so great) books I read over the summer and fall, book comparisons, book recommendations, top 10 lists, a possible rant here and there, and my general insights into all things literary. I’ll also showcase some of the literary touches I added to my wedding in my next post. Have a great week, and whatever you do–never stop reading!

P.S. Kudos to you if you’re familiar with the quote in the picture, which is one of several literary centerpieces that adorned the tables at my wedding reception last May.

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